Open to LOVE – A Modern Woman’s Memoir on Being Single and Happy

Best-selling author Aji R. Michael’s new memoir came out on February 9th, 2021. Open to LOVE – A Modern Woman’s Memoir on Being Single and Happy highlights her personal story and that of some people she encountered. The aim is to raise mental health awareness and well-being to support single women during and post-Pandemic.

Aji tells us why she has focused on love for her latest book and what drives her in her career as an author:

“Single women feel the stress more when it comes to mental health and parenting challenges, particularly in this pandemic. I know this for sure because I am one.

“As a Black, professional, single mum, I want to amplify the experiences, inner struggles, deep wounds, and stories single women face when deeply held beliefs and expectations are challenged by circumstances. Hearing other single women perspectives is not only self-evident in its power but also necessary.

“As we strive for more inclusive workplaces and societies, one element that’s missing is the support for the single woman. These women are often hesitant to speak out and share their thoughts for fear of being labelled and because of the emotional vulnerability required in putting themselves out there.

“I understand these challenges, which is why I share my story in my new book Open to love: A modern woman’s memoir on being single and happy. The goal is to feel liberated and embrace being single from a different approach. A world where being single is never an obstacle.”

Open to love: A modern woman’s memoir on being single and happy is gracefully honest and refreshingly detailed. Aji is available to talk about all things relationships, dating after 40, dating after a divorce and the importance of uncovering your inner power.

Open to love: A modern woman’s memoir on being single and happy is available worldwide including Walmart and prestious book retailers like Waterstones and Blackwell’s in the UK.

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Picture what it would be like if you no longer have to settle for just about any guy when seeking a partner. Imagine how you’d feel if you no longer have to deal with feelings of unworthiness and rejection. It gets frustrating when you have to continually deal with those beliefs that prevent you from living a more whole and fulfilling life. It makes you want to tear your hair out. Sometimes you want to throw your hands in the air and throw in the towel. But then you look around and see that other people are living your kind of dream life – a healthy, Christ-like life with meaning and purpose. You figure that if these people can do it, so can you (and that’s true). If only you could discover their secrets, then you too could live that kind of life.

Good news – now you CAN learn the secrets of living a life without fear, bitterness, unworthiness, rejection, or neediness but with new belief systems that will give you renewed hope, great optimism in all aspects of your life now and the future!

That’s because I’m diving into the core principles that turned around my life marvellously, and I’m sharing it all with you inside my new book titled “Open to LOVE: A Modern Woman’s Memoir on Being Single and Happy.”

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By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll be free (from mental clutter and other beliefs that hold you down), start experiencing healing in your heart, mind, and soul.

Also, you’ll be on the right path to harnessing your inner power to mend your love life and improve other aspects of your life – guaranteed!

Listen, you don’t need to struggle anymore with those soul-crushing voices within you asking you to settle for any man that comes along because you’ve now accepted that all men are cheaters. You won’t have to feel unwanted, unworthy, or rejected.

Once you know the secrets inside this exciting book, you’ll unleash the power within you that will help you to crush all feelings of bitterness, rejection, or unworthiness to become wholeheartedly alive.

Go ahead and imagine how you’ll feel when you’re finally living your life on God’s terms.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Best of all, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. When you go to and claim your copy of Open to LOVE, you’ll finally make your imaginations become a reality.

Get it now – you deserve a happy life!


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Aji R. Michael, a Regional Programmes Lead in the East of England and the co-chair of Health Education England’s Women’s Network. Michael is also the founder of a social enterprise, ‘His Lady,’ the #1 online resource for the modern woman to improve her health, well-being and cultivate spiritual knowledge for a more whole and fulfilling life.

Through her books, podcast (Redefining Living), videos, and other resources, she’s helped thousands of women on their journey to becoming a healthy, elegant woman living a happy, and fulfilled life.

Check out her latest book “Open to LOVE: A Modern Woman’s Memoir on Being Single and Happy.” Here:

She created this new book (Open to LOVE: A Modern Woman’s Memoir on Being Single and Happy) to share core principles that changed Aji’s life in the most beautiful and miraculous ways. She hopes that you can find healing in your heart, mind and soul; then, experience renewed optimism in your personal life, love life and your future once you implement what you read in this new book.

Aji spends her free time travelling the world and catching up on her favourite shows.

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