Abu Dhabi Based Studio Supports UAE-Based Musicians Affected by Pandemic

May 26th 2021 – Abu Dhabi, UAE: The BarCoe Studio, an Abu Dhabi based audio, video and music-event production company has been putting locally-based musicians at the forefront of their endeavors by providing music services to support them and minimize the impact the pandemic has had on their livelihoods.

Founded by Sean Barcoe, Pilot and Audio Engineer, The BarCoe Studio has been a source of creative refuge for musicians since 2014. The studio started as a place for musicians to collaborate and grow in an environment that feels like home. It is now the only studio in the UAE that brings together state-of-the-art equipment, talented artists, and full spectrum video, audio and artist-showcase event capabilities all under one roof.

As live events have suffered due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the studio has taken it upon itself to assist artists by providing them with a positive and supportive environment. It has provided free-of-charge music services to support several local artists, including producing songs for several uae-based artists, shooting music videos and funding artist projects to help bolster their careers. The studio has also been a source for musical and career mentorship and supported the development of an artist ecosystem. “The BarCoe Studio has and will always be a place where musicians feel like they belong, where they can create and share music without obstacles. Our aim is to give support and a platform to talented UAE-based artists to compete in a global market as well as showcase the talent of homegrown artists to the world.” said Sean Barcoe.

The BarCoe Studio has collaborated with numerous international companies including Sennheiser/Neumann, BlackBird Studios and has produced over 100 musicians including several Yasalam’s Emerging Talent Competition winners. Most notably, Emirati Singer FaFa, who in 2019 opened for Bruno Mars at the New Year’s Eve Concert and most recently collaborated with Valorant, Tommy Jeans and Namshi. “The BarCoe Studio was where I began my career in the UAE. The creative space has had such an impact on my craft, and it has pushed me to grow as an artist. It has given me a platform and opportunities to expand my career as a singer. The studio has also created a creative community where I have been fortunate enough to meet, collaborate and learn from many other artists and musicians. I’m very excited to continue on this journey with the studio and look forward to growing and making an impact through music.” commented FaFa.

As the UAE’s fledgling music industry continues to grow, The BarCoe Studio strives to enable UAE-based artists to not only channel their creative efforts but place them on a level playing field with international artists, while showcasing Abu Dhabi as an up-and-coming hub for music and entertainment.

About Company:

The BarCoe Studio is located in Abu Dhabi and was founded in 2014 by Sean Barcoe, certified sound engineer and video production specialist. It is a full-service music, video and events production facility. It houses a fully equipped recording studio, video editing room and live band area. All facilities include state-of-the-art equipment and the latest software.

The Barcoe Studio also has a subdivision which organizes live shows, digital broadcasts and creates digital content to showcase locally-based talent to the world. In addition, the studio has a host of supplementary services to support and mentor artists to reach their potential.

For more information, please contact:

Name: Sean Barcoe – Founder & CEO
Email: Sean@TheBarCoe.Studio
Phone: 0529987060