Areena’s Proactive Approach in Managing Media Intelligence for Mazoon Dairy

In today’s complex media landscape, it is imperative to carry out a social listening for brands. Areena’s 24ieye has come up with a proactive media intelligence management program for Mazoon Dairy to benefit their business by delivering actionable insights.

[Muscat,Oman, 25-03-2023]

In the end it’s all about the brand!

There are numerous ways customers have their perception influenced about a brand. It starts right from the messages received on social media to the website and how a brand is talked about. Perception is all.

The Managing Director of Areena, Eng. Mubarak Al Hadadi mentioned, “Even the world’s largest brands need help navigating the current digital market landscape, and Mazoon Dairy is no exception. They were looking out for a media monitoring solution that fits into the broader scope of their overall communications strategy. Areena’s 24ieye started detecting the brand performance and perception changes over time, activated real-time communication strategies, and produced executive-ready, relevant campaign reporting structure that benefits Mazoon Dairy.”

“Our 24ieye team assessed the following factors for Mazoon Dairy: Calculated the sentiment of each mention and assign the positive, negative, neutral or undefined sentiment, recognized how people react to different topics, the number of reach and shares that invoked further conversation, compare the social impact of mentions with the competitors, and look for any other sources that could possibly benefit the business. We executed the project using Brand Analysis, Media monitoring, Media intelligence and competitor analysis.” he further added.

Eng. Mubarak Al Hadadi said, “with so much of noise on the internet, at times it becomes hard to filter out the fluff. Hence at Areena’s 24ieye, we use a centralized platform to garner mentions across the web, and are experiencing rapid growth. Our band management team also tracks the mentions to ensure qualification of information, pass on only real data and not any hazy estimation to the client.”

“At 24ieye we do a considerable amount of research and publish only those results which drive brand awareness, helping the customers to make informed decisions. Also, our platform 24ieye helps achieve this easily, eliminating the redundant task of bouncing across each platform to track the mentions. The mentions are all available in one place now. This helps to detect and respond to potential mentions and be proactive in communication efforts.”

Areena’s 24ieye tracks all topics that are business critical for a company by monitoring news sites, blogs, and social media to gain an overview of the media exposure and the areas where the brand is getting noticed, helping keep the clients stay on top of market trends.

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