The School of International Financial Services (SIFS) Announces Expansion to the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates – 2nd November – The School of International Financial Services (SIFS), a renowned institution in the field of training and education for international financial centers, is excited to announce its expansion to the United Arab Emirates. With its headquarters in Jersey, Channel Islands, SIFS has been instrumental in the delivery of training and education for financial services through its comprehensive training programs.

Over the past three years, SIFS has earned a reputation for excellence, having trained financial services regulators in jurisdictions including Jersey, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. Participants undertook the International Certificate in Financial Services Regulation, a qualification accredited by the Chartered Governance Institute and delivered by SIFS, highlighting the importance placed on continuous learning by the regulatory bodies.

The expansion to the UAE is a significant milestone, marking SIFS’s commitment to delivering training and education programmes in leading International Financial Centres. The UAE has demonstrated its commitment to aligning with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations, with concerted efforts from government bodies and regulatory authorities.

Andrew Horbury, the General Manager of SIFS in the UAE, expressed enthusiasm about the launch. Andrew stated, “The UAE has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to achieving compliance with the FATF recommendations. Training and education are crucial pillars in ensuring effective Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) practices within the industry and we look forward to playing a pivotal role in contributing to the knowledge base of the financial services sector.”

SIFS’ presence in the UAE will facilitate the enhancement of skills and knowledge among professionals in the financial sector, fostering a culture of compliance, governance, and ethical conduct. The institution is poised to offer tailored CPD programs covering areas such as anti-money laundering, financial crime prevention, and corporate governance, addressing the specific needs and challenges of the financial services industry in the UAE.

SIFS has a reputation for attracting some of the biggest names in international financial services. Some of their recent expert presenters have included:

  • David Lewis, Former Executive Secretary at the FATF
  • Jill Britton, Director General of the Jersey Financial Services Commission
  • Sir Rob Wainwright, Former Director of EUROPOL and Senior Partner at Deloitte
  • Sir David Green CB KC, Former Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office

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About SIFS

The School of International Financial Services, headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands, is a market leader in providing cutting-edge training and education for international financial centers worldwide. With a focus on anti-money laundering, financial crime prevention, and corporate governance, SIFS is committed to enhancing the quality, integrity, and professionalism of the financial services sector on a global scale.

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