WPS Office Software Scores Over 1.2 Billion Installations

WPS Office Software is one of the finest alternatives to Windows Office. It has managed to score over 1.2 billion installations and is a leading office productivity suite with a free all-in-one package that integrates Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, PDF Editor and Converter, and more. 

[March 19th, 2022]: WPS Office Software is one of the smartest and most popular alternatives to Windows Office. It comes with an all-in-one pack of Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and more, which is very similar to those offered in Microsoft’s Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. 

One of the key spokesmen for the company once said, We are constantly working to ensure that we could drive in better updates and make the interface much more interactive and easy. We want to integrate more features and functions to give the end-users the best experience, and this has significantly increased the number of users who have chosen to opt for our product.”

Described as an amazing alternative to Windows Office, WPS Office Software is a free for all package and has been gaining steam after securing positive reviews from customers all around the world. As the company doesn’t believe in resting on their laurels, they are constantly looking to offer more features, updates, and upgrades with their existing software, which is noticeably helping them retain the old customers while bringing new customers on board.

The most key thing about the WPS Office Software is that its updates can be installed automatically, keeping the end-users happy. This innovative software has managed to achieve an astounding high customer satisfaction rate, thanks to its dedicated team, which is constantly putting in the good work.

Those who are looking for a software similar to Office and want to make sure that they can enjoy similar features without paying a ton of money for it should make it a point to visit https://www.wps.com/ and opt for their regular subscriptions.

About WPS Office Software

WPS Office Software is an efficient and popular alternative to Windows Office, which is available with several integrated features like Writer, Presentation, and more. The company offers regular updates and upgrades to stay on top of the technology.

Media Info

Company name: WPS Office
Contact Person: Wei Ma
Phone Number:+86 17810631893 
Website: https://www.wps.com
Country: China

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