Up and Coming Conscious Tea Brand Sheds Light on Childhood Poverty

Teakruthi commits four percent of every dollar made to help end child poverty

TORONTO (Feb. 10, 2020) – According to a study by the World Data Lab, more than 358 million children worldwide are living in poverty. teakruthi, the all-natural, and artificial enhancer free tea brand based in Sri Lanka wants to change that. Announced today, every dollar that goes to the purchase of teakruthi teas, four percent will be donated to charities supporting the elimination of childhood poverty.

Committed to improving the quality of life for all, teakruthi organic teas are all-natural and sustainably farmed. Known as one of the best tea brands in Sri Lanka, the brand uses predictive analytics to source teas just in time, directly and freshly picked from tea gardens. Teakruthi minimizes its environmental footprint through sustainable farming and the use of recycled packaging. Unique to the brand, teakruthi uses single-origin Ceylon tea, a tea that is world-renowned for its quality and taste.

“We started teakruthi out of genuine love for tea,” said Dilan Fernando, co-founder, teakruthi. “Most of today’s brands that claim to be ‘healthy’ are far from that. They are GMO-enhanced or contain residue from chemical fertilizer. We pride ourselves in making quality teas that come from sources good to the earth.”

In addition to their commitment to doing good in the body, teakruthi is committed to doing good for the community. With childhood poverty significantly affecting vulnerable and marginalized children, teakruthi created teakruthi 4kids. Through this initiative, four percent of each dollar spent is donated towards the fight to end childhood poverty and exploitation worldwide through four charities, including Save The Children, Free a Girl, Street Child and The Rainbow Center of Sri Lanka.

“We are very committed to doing our part to help eliminate childhood poverty,” said Lasith Lansakara, co-founder, teakruthi. “Research shows, more than 3 million children die each year due to poor nutrition. In the United States alone, nearly 15 million children live with families who live below the federal poverty line. Through our foundation, we have partnered with organizations that are advancing the cause towards erasing these devastating circumstances. No child should go hungry.”

Highly rated by consumers, teakruthi delivers their all natural and ethically sourced pure Ceylon tea worldwide, including to customers all across the G.C.C. “[It] is [a] refreshing classic Ceylon tea. I like [it] very much as [a] breakfast tea. It is [my] favourite Ceylon black tea type. I give it five stars”, comments Mr. AA, a loyal customer from Saudi Arabia.

To learn more about the teakruthi brand, including their organic tea for purchase, and to learn more about the teakruthi4kids initiative, visit https://teakruthi.com.

About teakruthi

As a tea grown from all natural and sustainable farms, the teakruthi brand promises to bring customers a cleaner, healthier, tastier cup of tea sourced from some of the best tea gardens worldwide. To learn more about teakruthi products are good for the body and the community, visit https://teakruthi.com.


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