Saving Water In The UAE Is Critical

In the UAE we have less water than we need and have to rely on desalination. It is up to everyone to save water wherever they can and can save a lot.

Dubai, UAE [Nov 04, 2019]: In the UAE we face a lot of challenges when it comes to our water. We have precious few groundwater reserves, there are high levels of salinity in the groundwater that we do have, producing drinking water costs a lot of money, and there is limited re-use of water combined with limited collection and treatment of wastewater outside urban areas.

Furthermore, water demand is growing every year and the UAE needs to invest in infrastructure to meet future demand and avoid any shortages.

Environment 2030, which has been published by Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, has forecasted that both fresh and brackish underground water from UAE aquifer systems will be exhausted within 55 years if urgent action is not taken. The UAE has one of the highest per capita usage of water in the world at 500 liters a day. The government is working very hard to reduce usage by eliminating subsidies, regulating groundwater extraction, storing water in aquifers, educating the young, and investing in energy-efficient seawater desalination measures.

Desalination Produces A Lot Of CO2

There is also the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 which aims to reduce consumption by 21% and increase the re-use of treated water to 95%. Unfortunately, most of the drinking water that is produced in the UAE is produced by a process of thermal desalination which presently requires the combustion of fossil fuels which of course is far from environmentally friendly, producing a lot of CO2 and other contaminants. The government is investigating ways that desalination can be carried out using alternative energy-efficient methods, including nuclear power and solar power.

In addition, the government is looking at ways to recycle wastewater and improve wastewater treatment, as this costs far less than the use of desalination plants. Treated wastewater is suitable for most agricultural and industrial purposes and will free up fresh water and desalinated water for domestic use.

Of course, the most obvious saving would be if we could all cut down our water usage, and at Waterwiseme ( we can help you to cut down considerably without having any effect on the results that you obtain when washing, showering, and so on. We sell simple water-saving devices that fit into your faucets and mix air with the water so that the effect is to turn one large stream of water into several smaller ones. It doesn’t affect the water pressure or continuity yet can save you up to 70% of the water that you use.

Furthermore, our devices are very easy to fit (practically anyone can do it) and are very inexpensive. For the average family, the EPA says that water bills are around the $1,100 a year mark but retrofitting our Waterwiseme products can cut that down by around one third.

Why wouldn’t you?

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