Pure & Simple – BEVIRGIN Launches Its Artificial Virginity Platform

Very much a taboo subject in Muslim society, premarital sex and sexual relationships can have devastating consequences for women.  Should a Muslim woman lose her virginity before marriage it can lead to divorce and ostracisation – even if the circumstances are beyond her control.  For the first time, Melbourne based BeVirgin has introduced a solution for women through its VirginityNow.com site.

A safe solution for Muslim Women

Discreet and secure, BeVirgin allows Muslim women to shop online for safe and convenient alternatives to hymenoplasty (cosmetic hymen repair).  The site offers a number of safe, accredited products including:

Translucent Membrane – The original Artificial Hymen repair kit, with the uniquely formulated proprietary REAL-BLOOD™ effect, a realistic natural red dye liquid which simulates the effect of a hymen being broken.

Liquide Membrane – An Artificial Hymen repair kit consisting of a capsule containing REAL-BLOOD™, a thick Blood-like red natural dye which forms a membrane layer and holds form inside the vagina

Tightening Gel – A natural gel paste which provides the effect of a tight vagina.

Purity Soap – A naturally formulated blend of active enzyme crystals which fade the dark colours and brightens the vagina, providing the visual and sensual feeling of purity

Freedom from fear

The site provides an easy and 100% secure shopping experience coupled with comprehensive information designed to educate, support and encourage Muslim women in need. BeVirgin uses plain and discreet packaging and offers shoppers free shipping on all purchases.

To learn more of BeVirgin concept or to further inquire about our products, visit www.virginityNow.com

For press enquiries, contact us:

Name: Ricki Walid
Organization: BeVirgin
Address: 22 Horne St, Elsternwick, VIC 3185, Australia
Email: enquiries@virginitynow.com
Phone: 0422 939 733
Website: www.virginitynow.com