Open letter to US AG Merrick Garland; DOJ needs to take an interest corruption in New Jersey!

“The DOJ needs to take an interest in what’s going on here in New Jersey”

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland the best place to start building your legacy is here in New Jersey. This opportunity, and responsibility you have to serve your own advancement by serving others.

The DOJ needs to open up a criminal investigation upon Chief Justice Stuart J. Rabner who has so many pending federal lawsuits filed against him.

There have been numerous filed federal lawsuits against Rabner that have been dismissed by federal judges who have had a history of working for him, and by other very disturbing serious conflicts of interests.

The DOJ needs to conduct an investigation into the entire US District Court of New Jersey dockets pending, and closed against Rabner.

Mr. Garland, how can the Public Trust, and have Confidence in the NJ Legal System when it’s being rigged straight from the top of the chain.

You need to put an end to Absolute Immunity for Judges who need to take responsibility for their nondiscretionary actions.

Judges need to be fired, and criminally charged if they commit a crime. For example; “Judge Alberto Rivas, FALSELY reported he was a victim, and was in fact threatened with a gun in his Chambers.”

This obviously never had happened and this “Perp Judge” is still sitting on the court bench that is being policed by Stuart J. Rabner.

Mr. Garland, do judges have immunity to file “FALSE” judiciary, and sheriff police reports? The public should be very concerned, and outraged that this perp judge has not been already collared.

Judge Rivas is also a predator, with a long, and disturbing history of abusing women. Any person who enjoys abusing women is nothing more than a COWARD, and someone who definitely should not be sitting on a court bench in authority.

Mr. Garland, you need to initiate a DOJ investigation into The NJ Advisory Committee on Judicial conduct, on the other “1000” shitcanned investigations, that were filed by other people against Judge Alberto Rivas (mostly women).

The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct in NJ is a useless organization, and waste of taxpayer dollars, and works directly for Rabner.

There needs to be a better system in place that does not have a corrupt Chief Justice policing his own people.

Thank you for reading my letter, and good luck.

John F. Marchisotto