New OUD BANK Store is here to Deliver Rich Collections of all Oud Types

OUD BANK makes it easy to find the perfect specialized in offering an unparalleled range of Oud wood and Oud oil for every occasion.

Muscat, Oman [Jan 01, 2021] – Welcome to the one stop store OUD BANK, is a renowned, trusted manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter in Muscat, specialized in offering an unparalleled range of Oud wood and Oud oil. The company was established in 1995 in The Sultanate of Oman by Sheikh Yousef Hamad Al Harthy. His passion led to the creation of the brand OUD BANK which then became a trusted international supplier of authentic, purest and finest Oud wood & Oud oil.

As an Agarwood wholesaler, the company provides carefully selected best and rare Agarwood of the highest quality from different regions around the world, from the forests of India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and many other well-known locations.

Also known as oud, aloeswood or lign-aloes, Agarwood is a dark resinous heartwood that are found in Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees (native to south east Asia). Agarwood has an attractive woody masculine fragrance and are manufactured from the highly resinous parts of Agarwood trees. Having a classic Oud fragrance, it blends well with all oils and has warming, & transcendent qualities.

There are many benefits of using Agarwood. It has been widely used as therapeutic perfumes, traditional medicine, and is used for aesthetic and religious purposes.  It is used for many health benefits and treatment of various illnesses.

OUD BANK brings different products for customers, from oud oil to essential oils. We make it easy to find the perfect Agarwood for every occasion!

Some of the available collections at our online store include:

  • ROSE
  • MUSK

The main objective of the company is to provide customers with quality Agarwood, and also excellent customer service and fast shipping. Our website has been designed to bring you the best and convenient online shopping experience. You can now browse all our collections, and we deliver the products via the best courier companies. Select your favourite product …all from the comfort of your home!

“Our employees are the pillars of our business; we believe they are the driving force to achieve our vision.  Our values form the foundations for every strategy and plan in the journey of achieving our goals. ” says Sheikh Yousef Bin Hamad Al Harthy. the founder of the company.

Explore our product catalog and let us know if you have any questions about the different products we offer. If you prefer speaking with a customer representative to talk about shipping and delivery details, we are available for your support over the phone.

Phone: 968 – 79900999