New Book Helps Home Chefs to Do More with Less Kitchen Equipment

TORRANCE, CA (February 28, 2018) – By-bye loads of kitchen gadgets because there’s a new book that is showing home chefs how to get more done with less equipment.

Jean B. MacLeod’s new book, The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook is a home chef’s guide to getting more done with less. It features an A-to-Z guide of kitchen utensils, tools, and gadgets, and each item is accompanied by more common tools and easy techniques that can accomplish the same tasks.

MacLeod is a member of both the Culinary Historians of Southern California and Slow Food USA. She is also a long-time collector of practical tips for the home and garden. This is the author’s third book providing savvy tips on how to be resourceful and control waste in the home. The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion and The Waste Wise Gardener are the precursors to The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook.

When asked about the motivation for writing the book, MacLeod explained: “Too much or too little kitchen equipment can be quite stressful. I wanted to show home cooks how to create balance by sharing the tips that I have collected over many years”. 

With so many kitchen gadgets designed to make life easier, it’s hard to imagine how to cope without items like blenders, food processors, coffee makers, and toasters. However, with a little resourcefulness, The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook shows readers how to chop without a chopper, blend without a blender and even grate without a grater.

The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook is available in paperback and electronic formats on online bookstores including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For further information, visit:


Media Contact:  Jean B. MacLeod