JET CAPSULE Announced to Shift Industrial & Commercial Operations in UAE

JET CAPSULE, a high-tech Italian shipyard founded by the renowned nautical designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, is nowadays considered the most innovative manufacturer of small-medium size passenger watercrafts currently on the global market. The company applies a revolutionary design, advanced handcrafted construction technology similar to the best Italian supercars, and low-pollution propulsion (hybrid and full electric).

For many decades, the water mobility sector has not offered anything really new, remaining generally linked to 50-years old concepts of adapted boats, which are not functional, nor comfortable, nor sustainable, requiring high amount of money for the purchase and the operations.

JET CAPSULE with the launch of the CX Series (the first of a wider series of smart passenger watercrafts), has introduced a “quantum leap” in the sector, introducing a new concept of water taxi offering highest efficiency, comfort, performances, upon very competitive capex and opex costs.

The success has been evident, with orders coming from any part of the world since mid 2019, generating a massive corporate growth obtained during last 2 years, despite of the pandemic period.

JET CAPSULE has announced to shift by early 2022 the center of industrial and commercial operations in the United Arab Emirates, due to several benefits and in order to gain more proximity with key markets (MENA and Asia). In fact, several important orders are coming from GCC countries, from part of public and private water transport authorities.

David Provenzani, currently Jet Capsule’s marketing director and partner with a seasoned presence in the United Arab Emirates with other entrepreneurial and academic activities, stated that this important step taken by JET CAPSULE is fundamental in order to pursue a fast 10X corporate growth, considering the MENA and Asian territories the Jet Capsule’s key markets, due to high number of large populated cities offering presence of water.

The plan is to serve from the UAE factory the entire world, making the production process more competitive, and also involving an important UAE local content. According to Provenzani, United Arab Emirates is the best place to be, for high-tech startups involved in pivotal fields for a better future, such as sustainable mobility.

Provenzani also stated that soon will be released a detailed development program, also involving important partnerships with local entities.

Watch Jet Capsule in action : Jet Capsule | Emotional Mobility Made in Italy


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