Gilgamesh Motivation – Take Control of Your Life and Become Self-Motivated

Achieve higher and make peak performance a habit. Find your inner catalyst and Drive. Your ultimate guide to motivation.

Stockholm, Sweden (May 18th, 2021) – Popular Iraqi-Swedish dentist Dr. Haydar Alawini has released a powerful new book on self-motivation, heightened confidence and accelerated performance. Aptly titled as “Gilgamesh Motivation“, this book by Dr. Alawini — who is a world-class trainer with extensive international education in coaching and human development — talks about finding the right points of focus that helps the self and character to grow rather than running around the same carrot-and-stick race. One of the key mantras of life is how NOT to be pushed by the wrong motivation and towards inferior goals ultimately leading towards self-destruction. Motivation should drive a person with the right energy, persistence and the right goals that ultimately, and maximally, improve the self.

Motivation is more than just an abstract concept. It is a crucial and essential drive factor because it reaches deep into our basic psychosocial needs of competence, relatedness, and autonomy. One needs to understand the different stages at which motivation occurs — all of which is explained in detail in Gilgamesh Motivation. While it may indeed be a tricky thing, it’s not difficult to master. Motivation isn’t a surge of excitement. It’s an actual, consistent will that drives the ability to accomplish and complete the tasks that you’ve set for yourself. It’s important to understand that motivation isn’t just knowledge. It’s crucial, profound wisdom that’s purified in the fire of compelling desire.

Further, Dr. Alawini also says in the book that the many claims that science has objectified ways of motivation and that certain steps are all one has to take and voila! — is utter hogwash. Being motivated is a way of thinking and a way of living. Such people exude it all the time in the way they speak, walk, talk, shake hands etc. You can tell that such people are on a mission. It’s not a trick one can solve using a shortcut. It’s a lifelong process with winning moments and learning moments. Gilgamesh Motivation speaks of exactly that — how to take control of your brain to be constantly motivated and achieving whatever you want to achieve.

“Being a man of science, I’ve seen many books and people peddle junk science. Similar is the case with self-help routine. People forget that what works for one doesn’t work for another. Why? They’re different people. But what CAN be done is finding out reasons to BE motivated and STAY motivated consistently by cultivating the right habits, beliefs and thoughts that maximize your competence, focus and achievements to accomplish your life vision and goals, in the easiest but still innovative, smart and modern approach, in a way to keep you engaged and interested mostly all the time”, said Dr. Haydar Alawini.

About Author:
Dr. Haydar Alawini is a Licenced dental practitioner in Sweden since 2006. He is an Iraqi Swedish national and lives and works in Sweden. He started his private dental practise about 10 years ago. He is the successful author of Health and Success in 2020. Apart from being a hugely successful human development coach, he’s also certified self-development practitioner and a prolific author. He also has solid training in highly specialized courses in psychology along with his primary education as a licensed dentist in Sweden.

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