Free Website Hosting & Maintenance for Business Recovering from COVID19

In view of the COVID19 pandemic which has affected almost all the businesses in all parts of the world, InstaNorth Marketing Services is offering a relief by offering Website Hosting and Website Maintenance Services for free to small and medium business owners.

Dubai Mar 20, 2020 – These are tough times for individuals and businesses alike and the most affected are small businesses like restaurants which have not seen many customers because of the lockdown, travel agents who are not making any money as there are no tourists and many other similar businesses. Though it is not a major expense that these businesses do on managing their website hosting and content but considering an average expense of AED 50 per month for hosting and AED 50 per month on website maintenance including design of creatives to be published, these businesses are spending AED 100 per month.

With the additional bandwidth in resources and infrastructure that InstaNorth Marketing Services have built, InstaNorth Marketing Services is offering these services for free to 4000 medium and small businesses around the world for a period of three months. Cumulatively, this is a support for 1.2 million AED from a small business like InstaNorth Marketing Services.

InstaNorth Marketing Services has a team of professional and experienced website and mobile application developers spread around the world and the company has offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Faridabad, India. The company is newly established in UAE but the team has been working since more than 20 years on Web Design and Cloud Application Development and have clients in India, Denmark, UAE, USA, UK, Australia and Singapore.

In addition to Free Website Hosting and Maintenance, InstaNorth Marketing Services is also offering free signage and artwork design for any creatives required for public service messages at public places and commercial/residential facilities. They can be contacted on phone numbers and email addresses published on the website to avail these offers.

Company Address:

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai
+971 58 532 0723


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