First Tiny House With Natural Building Methods Opens At Agro-Turismo Quinta Da Fonte

Agro-turismo Quinta da Fonte is a special place where peace seekers, walkers and lovers of Portuguese culture can meet. There are also plenty of options for people who want a little more action during their holiday.

Figueiro Dos Vinhos, Portugal () May 07, 2019 – Quinta Da Fonte opens its latest accommodation in the shape of a tiny house in Figueiro Dos Vinhos, Portugal.

After the fires destroyed their caravans and much of their B&B haven, Lied and Joey were able to get a grant from the government to help them get back on their feet. They chose to do two things with the grant.

The first was to build a new kitchen, which was Lied’s dream, and which would provide the chance to expand the kitchen and evening restaurant – open now – and the second was to replace the caravans with something a little special. 

After the devastating fires in June 2017 the owners of Agro-turismo Quinta da Fonte needed to substitute the burned caravans and organiseda  Natural Building Course where the start of the TINY HOUSE was made with a small group of students. Lied and Joey decided to build this tiny house using as much as possible sustainable materials and forgotten building techniques to add a simple but very comfortable and well insulated new place to stay.

“We wanted to do something different, starting with a course to set the foundations and then we worked with friends and colleagues to do something special in this area.  We open today our Tiny House with those who have helped make this dream come true on Airbnb (link)” Lied

“I hope people will try this method of building as we have never done this before and the result is amazing” Joey

The Tiny House now opens for business after its launch with students and friends who helped make it happen, after their launch party on Friday 3rd May.

“Although I would not have wished the fires, Joey and I have made the most of not only bringing back our B&B in our beautiful valley, but also we’ve taken the time and the opportunity to expand what we can give to our clients.  We’ve learned so much over these past few years and we are so grateful to those who came to support us – including our lovely clients who have always been so generous with their reviews” Lied.

About Company:

Agro-turismo Quinta da Fonte is the name of our small paradise estate in the middle of Portugal. In 2008 we set up a small farmer’s campsite on this beautiful spot, where we combine tranquility and nature with cosiness, good food and a very hospitable welcome. You can stay in your own tent at one of the lovely camping spots by the little stream, in one of our beautiful fully furnished De Waard tents, in one of our rustic guest rooms in the authentic farmhouse, in the romantic four-person caravan or in our brand new apartment. ‘Vivenda Festina Lente’ where you can stay with a family with 2 smaller children.