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ISO is especially important to businesses that rely heavily on computers, as this is responsible for standardizing software and hardware, enabling the technology to be used on any operating system around the world as long as it meets the standards criteria.

UAE, Abu Dhabi Mar 19, 2020 – For years, many people have doubted the reliability of remote work. Businesses feel that there is added risk when operating via a remote environment in terms of accountability, ability to meet deadlines, and communication, primarily. There is a stigma that individuals who work from home are lazy, detached, or are somehow less likely to produce quality work than their on-premises counterparts. However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, these perspectives are rapidly changing.

One solution needed across the globe during this pandemic is a reliable ISO provider. ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, operates in over 150 countries to develop technological advancements and internationally recognized standards for a safer and more efficient product development. ISO is especially important to businesses that rely heavily on computers, as this is responsible for standardizing software and hardware, enabling the technology to be used on any operating system around the world as long as it meets the standards criteria.

How Will ISO Help Your Business’ Remote Work Environment?

Although remote work is becoming quite commonplace in many industries today, business owners must remain vigilant of the risks associated with the practice. Given that your employees will be using their personal devices to access a cloud-based network, this opens the possibility that individuals may share space holding sensitive business data. During communications between management and employees, interceptions can occur and result in compromised business activities.

You may be uncertain of whether gaining ISO Certification is a worthy investment for your business, and rightfully so but If you are hesitant, take comfort in the fact that in 2016, 98% of companies that obtained an ISO certification determined that it was a great investment for their business. Another survey in 2017 produced more than 80 studies on the integration of ISO into standard business activities with the ultimate determination that there were “Clear Benefits” to its integration, including:

  • Promoting Internationally recognized, high-quality practices. ISO will provide you access to excellent standards of practice within your industry in terms of management, environmental risks and impacts, cybersecurity, and risk management.
  • Improves productivity. When you determine the objectives for your business according to the standards of ISO, you will be able to develop a more thorough business strategy, improving the productivity and efficiency with which your business runs.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction. Part of integrating ISO certification into your business is improving the management and monitoring of quality control and customer satisfaction. This is one of the most notable benefits of ISO: fewer customer complaints.
  • Increases revenue. In 2015, 92 studies collectively determined that 3 out of every 5 companies that obtained an ISO certification saw a significant increase in their income in comparison to non-certified companies. When coupled with long-term efforts to improve business operations, your business is guaranteed to see sustained growth in this area.
  • Encourages greater teamwork. With improved management techniques and more streamlined business operations, your employees will be able to work in a much smoother, more efficient work environment. Studies show that employees in ISO-certified companies experience greater satisfaction in their work and higher levels of motivation, improved communications with management, and an overall improved work ethic.

Converting Your Business to a Remote Environment with ISO.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop devastating effects throughout the world, several advantages of ISO integration and remote work have come to light alongside the existing benefits discussed above. Not only is it a better alternative for the integrity and productivity of your business, but it will also keep your employees and customers safe. Even the leading ISO companies, some of which were previously opposed to the widespread integration of remote ISO services, have adapted their ideology and now support businesses across all industries to begin converting to a remote work environment with remotely provided ISO certification.

One of the world’s leading ISO companies, Lloyd’s Register (LR), for example, released a statement disclosing their business adaptations to the current pandemic in the form of introducing new remote communication methods and altered risk assessment protocols to reduce instances of in-person contact. Another, the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), revealed that they will be introducing alternative service methods as well in the form of remote auditing and assessments.

All these developments are in response to WHO’s recommendations for preventative measures to protect businesses as well as families and individuals. Still, ISO Online™ has been ahead of the curve in remote ISO services and continues to remain on the cutting edge in the industry.

Become ISO Certified with ISO Online™.

As a business owner, you may not have the time to dedicate to highly demanding tasks like obtaining an ISO certification. Although it is a necessary factor in successful business development, it may not be a part of your company’s core functionality, and you must, therefore, find more convenient ways to get the job done.

Additionally, it may be difficult to find reputable ISO providers at all, as they are, unfortunately, few and far between. ISO Online™ is one of the only providers of ISO certification and documentation and is prepared to have your business meeting even the most stringent of ISO criteria in no time. One of the most unique aspects of ISO Online™ is that it is conducted entirely online: It is the fastest, most cost-effective way to acquire your ISO certification. With the help of offices in the UK and the UAE, businesses around the world can gain access to ISO documentation and services swiftly and easily. By simply providing select information about your business, you provide the ISO Online international team with everything they need to process and audit your documentation for approval so that you can get certified as soon as possible. You will be protected with remote, annual surveillance auditing at no extra cost. With ISO Online™, your business has the best chance of a smooth transition into a remote working environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get your certification started today by contacting the ISO Online™ office in the UK or the UAE, or online at

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