EMERGE App partners with international accounting firm Vertaccount, aims to revolutionize trading and distribution businesses worldwide

Singapore, 28-06-2019 – EMERGE App, a cloud solution for inventory management, today announced an official partnership with Vertaccount, a boutique finance and accounting outsourcing provider with offices in the United States, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines.

“We were curious users of EMERGE App in the beginning. Once we put it through its paces, it was a no-brainer to partner with them and help it reach out to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide,” said Aye Navarro, CEO and co-founder at Vertaccount. “We are onto something special. It’s just the beginning of an inventory revolution. More traditional businesses are going to find out how to work better, faster and smarter with their stock.”

Unlike other inventory management solutions, EMERGE App is focused on traditional B2B wholesale, distribution and trading businesses. Its user-friendly, web-based software enables brick-and-mortar businesses to easily manage orders, juggle purchases and exercise control over inventory across multiple sales channels.

Largely through word of mouth, EMERGE App has attracted over 1,000 active users of its inventory management software in 40 countries worldwide. The profile of its business users ranges from creative makers of jewelry and artisanal chocolates to traditional wholesalers and distributors of clothing, wine and medical equipment.

“I’m proud to partner with Vertaccount. They truly understand what we do and what we want to achieve with trading and distribution businesses,” said Benjamin Yee, CEO and founder of EMERGE App. “And the fact that they started from the ground up as users of EMERGE App means that they are well positioned to consult and advise businesses on how to get a handle on their unruly inventory.”

Partnering with EMERGE App means that professional services firms such as Vertaccount can capitalize on their local presence in each country. Partners are responsible for reselling EMERGE App as a complete solution to their customers: licensing, training and implementation. In return, partners earn recurring revenue for the lifetime of the customer.

“It’s definitely a win-win situation for us to work with EMERGE App,” said Dave Hayes, director of business development. “EMERGE App gets to grow their user base further around the world while we benefit from providing value-added services such as training, implementation and Tier-1 support. These are things that our customers have come to expect from a professional services firm.”

EMERGE App takes a unique and holistic approach when working with partners. Partner Managers are assigned to each partner. They supply leads and prospects that prefer to deal with a person in their respective country and language. This also reassures prospects that a first line of support is available should they choose EMERGE App for their business.

Likewise, partners are backed by the same friendly and responsive customer support team should they encounter technical issues, feature requests or bugs. “We roll out a new version of EMERGE App every three weeks. Very few software companies are that nimble and fast with bug fixes and new features requested by customers,” shared Benjamin.

To learn more about EMERGE App and how to partner with a fast-growing inventory management solution, visit emergeapp.net.

About EMERGE App

EMERGE App, founded in 2016, provides a cloud-based inventory solution for small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Traditional businesses manage orders, purchases and inventory through a user-friendly web interface. Affordable subscription plans are based on the number of users and application integrations. EMERGE App has development and sales offices in Singapore, India, Vietnam and China.

About Vertaccount

Founded in 2010, Vertaccount has been providing outsourced accounting services to hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises across the globe with a growing staff of over 70 professional accountants. Vertaccount’s mission is to empower clients to make informed decisions and add real value to their enterprises. Each customer engagement is thoughtfully considered and treated with care.

Benjamin Yee,

CEO and founder, EMERGE App


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