FORGOTTEN VOICES: The Youth of the Corona Virus Pandemic

The Power of We Symposium is proud to partner with the e360tv live show, Bathrobe Moments, to bring you a live stream global premiere: “FORGOTTEN VOICES: The Youth of the CoronaVirus Pandemic”.  This 90-minute livestream special event is being created and hosted by Bathrobe Moments show host; Loren Michaels Harris, and sponsored by  and . The show will feature young people from around the country, each joining us with the intention of sharing with the world just how this experience with Covid-19 has and is currently affecting their lives.  The ages of the participants range from Lennon, a three-year-old from Riverside California; to 24 year old Caillie, a Music and Entrepreneurial Business student at Salem State University in Massachusetts.  During the 90-minute livestream special event, approximately 20 different kids will be interviewed on their experiences during Covid-19, their fears as a result of Covid-19, and their hopes for our world post Covid-19. 

FORGOTTEN VOICES: The Youth of the CoronaVirus Pandemic”

From fear that the germs are going to “get Mommy”, to not knowing what is going to happen with the pursuit of a degree or the repayment of student loans; this special report will prove to be something you will not soon forget. 

The 90 minutes special will begin airing at 7:30 am CST April 22nd  on the Facebook page: and will also be available for live stream viewing via YouTube, Roku, Android, Apple TV, Periscope, and at e360tv live,

Voted one of the top four live stream shows to watch in 2020 by International Author, Award winning Keynote Speaker, and Editor; Carma Spence…Bathrobe Moments continues to provide cutting edge content to its audience members. 
“FORGOTTEN VOICES: The Youth of the CoronaVirus Pandemic”, promises to shock, provoke, and inspire all who watch.  Our youth comprise the greatest resource this world could ever have, and it is they who will inherit the world later from those of us who are responsible for shaping that future world today.

When Michaels-Harris was asked why he thought this show needed to be produced and released, his response was thus; “The WHY is the easy part…From the President, to The CDC, to the Governor’s within each state…the world is full of adult decision makers who are on a daily basis deciding on things that will affect this world forever.  I see the decision makers as those who are “filling the swimming pool with water”, but it is our youth who will forever be forced to swim within that water, I simply feel that our youth should have at least a little say-so in the temperature the pool water will be.”

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